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The Success Story Award gives tribute to the member associates successfully developed through Hong Kong.





Unser Mitglied, Herr Michael Eibes von Michael Eibes Design, erhält den Success Story Award 2014.









Unser Mitglied, Frau Andrea Springmann von S&D German Wines Ltd., erhält den Success Story Award 2012.



Company profile:

S&D German Wines Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong and offers the following services:

  • wide selection of wines  from premium and organic to everyday drinking wine
  • large stock at hand in Hong Kong
  • free delivery in Hong Kong
  • shipping throughout Asia
  • wine tastings and wine education trainings in Hong Kong


S&D German Wines Ltd. represents exclusively 17 wineries for which they act as their producers office in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.Their product portfolio suits different demands in the Hong Kong (Retail and Wholesale) and China market. In September/October 2011 S&D German Wines Ltd. signed a contract with the Sparkling Wine Market Leader in Germany - Rotkäppchen-Mumm. In summer 2012 S&D German Wines Ltd. entered into two business co-operations with a Chinese and Taiwanese company regarding the sales activities. 






Unser Mitglied, Herr Klaus Köhler von Klako Group, erhält den Success Story Award 2011.



Company profile:


Klako Group is an international management consulting firm established in 1979.


Klako Group provides a wide range of market entry consulting, incorporation, tax, audit, accounting and human resource services to organizations interested in entering and expanding throughout China, Hong Kong, Singapore.


Klako Group is managed by an international and local team of over 120 certified public accountants, legal and professional consultants who work in our ten offices in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.


From our offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore and Tianjin, we offer the following services:


  • Market Entry Consulting
  • Incorporation
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Accounting & Administration
  • Tax Advisory
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Trade & Supply Chain
  • Recruitment


Our typical clients are small-to-medium sized privately owned companies as well multinational corporations. We recognize that each customer has individual requirements and our objective is to provide an efficient and cost effective service tailored to their specific needs. Our goal is to develop a lasting partnership with our customers with a focus on protecting their investments and maximizing their returns from their activities throughout China and Hong Kong.


Einen Bericht über die Firma und ein Interview mit Herrn Köhler finden Sie  unter





Unser Mitglied, Frau Carin Behrens on Sweeney Productions (Mitte), erhält den Success Story Award 2010.


Company profile:


- Founded in 2002 

- Target customers/markets are German TV station, pharmaceutical companies



Business activities in/through HK:


  • HK serves as the base of all China activities for the company - to facilitate discussion and factory visits into the Chinese mainland, and also taking part in HK trade fairs
  • Sweeney offers high degree of product customisation, hence registered their own trademark - MIYO: Make It Your Own. To do so, Sweeney carefully selected an experienced business partner, a well-established and creative HK company. The HK partner understands European customer's needs, as well as masters the communication skills with the Chinese manufacturers, thus concepts and requests from Germany can be properly translated to Chinese manufacturers.


Einen Bericht über die Firma und ein Interview mit Frau Behrens finden Sie  unterÜberzeugt.htm.





Unser Mitglied, Herr Stefan Lässig von Lässig GmbH., erhält den Success Story Award 2009.


Company profile: 


  • Lässig GmbH is a fashion and textile producty entity
  • The company manufactures innovative, cheerful, spirited and gorgeous bags, attachés and cases for laptops, backpacks, pencil cases as well as textiles and accessories for pregnant women and mothers.
  • The brand LÄSSIG was introduced to the market in 2007 and is sold in more than 30 countries with a focus on European and Asian markets.



Business activities in/through HK:


  • In 2008. Lässig GmbH founded a subsidiary, LAESSIG Ltd., located in Hong Kong.
  • Establishmehnt of long-term business relationships in the Asian markets.
  • Distribution of the LÄSSIG brand in Asia.
  • Focus on the demands of each country and build close relationships with manufacturers





Unser Mitglied, Herr Christian Rommel von Rox Asia Consulting Ltd., erhält den Success Story Award 2008.


Company profile:


  • Consulting and sourcing company under German management that specialises in the Asian printing and packaging market.
  • Headquartered in HK and has a permanent subsidiary in Germany Designed, wrote, photographed and published “China Packaging” in 1998. The book won an international award as “Best German Book” in the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • Partnered with the Goethe Institute to organise a non-profit exhibition at the HK Arts Centre to raise visitors’ interest in Chinese packaging design.



Business activities in/through HK:


  • Registered in HK, November 1998.
  • Employed local staff to form a multinational team.
  • Made use of HK’s accounting, financial and IT services.
  • Outsourced production processes to printers, publishers, multi-media producers and designers in HK for further production.